Hi, I'm Bridgid


Bridgid Gallagher is the author of funny, feel-good romance. She lives in Utah with her husband.


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My Writing Journey

Since you're still reading, I'll assume you want more than my quick (but so professional!) bio. Here it is!

What you need to know about me: I love books. LOOOOOVE. I love reading them, writing them, talking about them--books are so wonderful. And bookish people are even better!

Although I've dabbled in writing for longer than I can remember, my first attempt to write a BOOK happened thanks to a very lonely job. I worked in a small entrance station booth in the middle of nowhere. Seriously. There were more trees than humans. And to make it worse, I ran out of books. (This is my actual worst nightmare.)

I'd loaded up my hatchback with crates of used books and somehow picked up sad, tear-jerker kinds of books. It was horrible! I just wanted something light and fluffy, something that would make me laugh, maybe cry some happy tears, and help me survive The Job.

Since that wasn't happening, I decided to write my own book. Only, it was WAY harder than I expected. I wrote a couple of (truly abysmal) paragraphs and gave up.

But! That initial attempt stuck with me, and for the next many years I kept trying. I wrote more than a paragraph or two. Then I finished a manuscript. Then another. And another.

It took me a loooong time to get here, and I can't tell you how happy it makes me to finally get to share my stories with you.

You're invited

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