My name is Bridgid Gallagher and I am a Romance author, book enthusiast, and blogger. When I'm not writing fiction, I use my background as a web designer and entrepreneur to create free resources for writers. I would love to connect with you!

Fun facts

I hold a degree in Environmental Science from the University of Washington.

I spent five summers working as a seasonal park ranger for the National Park Service (big hat and bear chasing included).

I've ridden ponies in Iceland, toured castles in Scotland, studied Spanish in Buenos Aires, measured trees in Costa Rica, survived a nasty belly bug in Peru, and visited Buddhist temples in Thailand.

I love to rock climb, and have climbed around the world (but mostly the U.S.), including Yosemite, Squamish (British Columbia), and El Potrero Chico (Mexico). My favorite place to climb is Indian Creek.


All of the content and photography on this website is my own (unless otherwise specified) and is subjected to copyright. If you would like to use a photograph or text, please use the proper attribution or contact me to gain permission. Photos of me are by Brian Alexander, unless otherwise specified.


Have a question or just want to get in touch? I'd love to hear from you. Send emails to bridgid@bridgidgallagher.com.