What I'm reading, writing, and feeling inspired by this week.

Once a week, I join a blog hop for writers called What’s Up Wednesday, started by the lovely Jaime Morrow and Erin Funk. If you’d like to join in, you can learn more on Jaime’s website.

What I’m reading

When I’m editing manuscripts, I try to keep my other reading out of the same genre. So this past week, while I finished notes and edits for a New Adult Urban Fantasy manuscript and started a YA contemporary, I read MINT JULEPS AND JUSTICE, a thrillerish adult contemporary romance, and THE BEST MAN, an adult contemporary romance from Kristan Higgins, one of my favorite authors (there should be a romantic comedy genre for her books). I also started THE WILDWATER WALKING CLUB from the author of MUST LOVE DOGS (which I haven’t actually read yet). It sounds like a lot, but we had some downtime (also known as reading time) this weekend due to some funky weather.

What I’m writing revising

I joined the February Writer Recharge, which is good because I needed some help getting movitated to tackle my revisions. It’s going well - but slowly! I have a tendancy to want to fix ALL THE THINGS (which, as might know from experience, takes a really, really long time), but I’m trying to just keep moving.

I’ve been using MyWriteClub to track my progress, too. Does anyone else use that? Here’s my profile if you’d like to add me as a friend. :)

MyWriteClub // www.bridgidgallagher.com

What’s inspiring me right now

A fellow What’s Up Wednesday blogger, Elodie Nowodazkij, just announced that she’s going to be self-publishing. The response from the YA community has been so positive and supportive - I can’t help but be inspired by it. My Twitter feed is full of tweets from people congratulating and supporting Elodie, and most of my Goodreads friends have already added her book to their to-read lists. Yet another reason to love the YA community!

Want to show your support? You can add ONE, TWO, THREE … on Goodreads, follow Elodie on Twitter, and like her page on Facebook.

What else I’ve been up to

More cross-country skiing, but with the temperatures up in the sixties this week I’m hoping to head out to Indian Creek to climb. Exciting!

How about you, what’s inspiring you this week?

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