Plot your novel for NaNoWriMo

Posted on October 27 2014 in writing & reading

Although I won't be able to take the [NaNoWriMo]( challenge this year (unless my revisions magically complete themselves before November 1st), I wanted to share a few of my favorite plotting resources.

Plotting Resources - Plot Your NaNoWriMo Novel //

My favorite plotting resources

  1. Start with Susan Dennard’s “How I Plan a Book” series: How I Plan a Book, Part 1: Of Plotters and Pantsers, How I Plan a Book, Part 2: Before I Start Drafting, How I Plan a Book, Part 3: Scene-level Planning, How I Plan a Book, Part 4: Coaxing Out the Magical Cookies.
  2. Dan Wells’ Story Structure talk is a quick way to learn A LOT about story structure. I can’t recommend it enough!
  3. 9 Steps for Plotting Fiction is especially handy for those who like visual representations of story structure.
  4. OUTLINING YOUR NOVEL and STRUCTURING YOUR NOVEL by K.M. Weiland are both must-reads. They are quick, useful reads, but putting her words into practice may take longer than a week (perhaps more helpful when you’re not about to start NaNoWriMo!).

Do you have a favorite resource, tool, or trick for plotting your novels? I’d love to hear about it!

Happy plotting!

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